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Crazy Operator Podcast, By Rob Dyer


Though very much in its early days, Crazy Operator Podcast is an independent Podcast and resource like no other.

Emerging by means of fairly brief yet focused twenty-minute episodes, Crazy Operator Podcast is a show dedicated to exploring topics relating to officer duties, policing, tactics, mental health for law enforcement, military and special operations communities, and plenty more. Rob Dyer balances facts and feelings in an informative, intriguing yet deeply human manner.

Offering unwavering relevance and perspective – six years of service as an Army National Guard Military Police (MP) soldier, 14 years of sworn law enforcement service, from narcotics and street crimes to SWAT team experience, Rob Dyer makes an ideal host for precisely this kind of podcast.

A self-proclaimed lover of guns and gear, Dyer also has a deep-running passion for tactics – smart thinking, detailed plans, knowledge and understanding; all of which helps make this a captivating go-to.

The show proves quickly fascinating for all of these reasons, not least of all for Rob’s fine ability to balance the specifics and factual aspects of tech, gear, set-ups, with a notably emotive, heartfelt awareness of the world around him, the feelings he experiences, and the feelings of others involved.

Driving with a clear desire to be a good person, to educate and inform, Rob Dyer’s Crazy Operator Podcast proves the perfect choice for aspiring and experienced officers alike, and indeed for anyone with a genuine interest in these topics and this crucial part of contemporary society and safety.

From recent news stories to historical events, Rob tackles the issues that create waves, digging deep into the way things are handled – what was done well, what could have been done better, what to work on. Consistently interesting, with absolutely no filler – Crazy Operator Podcast is going to be well-worth tuning in for as it continues to grow and build its presence.

Check out all episodes on Anchor.

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