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CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse – PODCAST


CoupleCo: Working With Your Spouse For Fun & Profit.

This podcast runs with a notably unique concept, yet it’s one that’s surprisingly interesting and increasingly relevant to the business world and those pushing for success but also valuing the importance of family and a strong relationship. Even within a single episode you’re likely to find plenty that connects and inspires.

Rather than simply outlining that it’s the best idea for everyone to start a business with their spouse, the podcast is consistently realistic – the stories lead with truth, openness, even vulnerability. Sometimes the stresses of building a business can weigh heavily on relationships, potentially resulting in both the business and the companionship falling apart. Enter CoupleCo – a one of a kind show that digs deep into the ups and downs of the whole process; when it works, when it doesn’t, and the details that cause it to lean in either direction.

A recent episode entitled¬†On Their Own Terms: Chris & Jim Howard of Live Life Revolution, Part 2,¬†talks from the point of success and sees the guests open up completely and reflect on life and the pathways that led them to where they are now. There’s already so much that proves motivational or energizing and inspiring in this single episode, so many gems of wisdom relating to both business building and maintaining a strong and stable, loving and supportive family life. This episode deals with faith, family, fear, ambition, health, overcoming, self-development, struggle, motivation, self-belief, love, and a whole lot more.

Despite the seemingly niche nature of the show, it’s actually incredibly relevant and widely accessible to anyone with an interest in bettering their work situation, their family life, or taking the plunge and building something from scratch that officially lines up with their dreams and ambitions. A real pleasure to let play, positively influential, heartfelt, with actionable, beneficial advice and genuine examples of situations, difficulties and outcomes. An easy recommend.

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