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Conor Commentary (PODCAST)


Conor Commentary offers the essential light relief we need in times of turmoil. Presenting weekly episodes and delivering their own comedic take on everything from news to politics, sports, and current events, the show tackles the heavy topics, yet does so in an easy-going, softly provocative way.

Already 37 episodes deep, there’s plenty to catch up on. In a recent segment, the podcast talks in depth about conspiracy theories, broadcasting from the desert and throwing in more than a few curve-balls to get you re-thinking everything you know about the current pandemic – and the general state of global affairs across the board.

A fairly fast-paced podcast, getting straight to the point and asking all the right questions – exactly what you’re likely to be wondering when someone delivers an outpouring of left-of-the-expected information or opinions regarding such big issues. It’s an interesting listen, which leaves you regularly opening a fresh tab to take on a little research of your own. You of course get to choose whether to take these discussions seriously or with a pinch of salt.

Other episodes of late have touched on news items from particular cities in the US, as well as human stupidity, the fate of the New England Patriots, the stock market, and even some of the bigger questions in life – like what will the new ‘normal’ ultimately look like?

Well worth a listen. Intelligent chats are matched with a humorous, quick-witted approach for getting to the bottom of things – wanting the facts, wanting to dispel myths, yet also clearly wanting to entertain; and it works.

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