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Completely Mental Misadventure of a thrift store (PODCAST)


It seems long overdue, but finally there’s a place for thrift-store and bargain enthusiasts to unite and feel  right at home; an audio place, that is.

Offering up quite precisely what it says in the name, Completely Mental Misadventure of a thrift store is a show designed by a host whose company buys and sells storage units and estates. Throughout the new podcast they dig deep into this background, bringing through plenty of knowledge and advice about what you might want to be looking for as you seek out the antique shops, garage sales, and second hand stores (car boot sales and charity shops, for those on the UK side). If you’re always in search of making a quick buck or even just catching a great deal – this is the podcast for you.

The Completely Mental Podcast is one that may seem fairly niche from the outside, but really there are so many good ideas and hidden gems nestled within each episode, that it proceeds to reach out way further than simply the thrift store fanatics. Their latest episode to date, as an example, goes into detail on auctions; leading with a fine balance between personal story-telling and a broader range of tips and actionable knowledge that proves all at once interesting and decidedly useful.

As the years go by, we all tend to look for new ways to make a little extra cash or save a little on our outgoings. This podcast has your back in a way that’s welcoming of anyone and everyone.

From the opening optimism and humor of Golden Prehistoric Chupacabra Bone (Episode 1), in which the host talks about the strangest item their role has brought to the table, through bizarrely relatable and hilarious moments like Customers We Love To Hate (Episode 4), and onward into the latest clip It’s All About Frankie in Ontario!, every show presents something a little different, a little unexpected, yet always entertaining, engaging, even insightful. There’s plenty to make you laugh, and plenty more to re-ignite that fire for antiques and good deals – as well as to inspire you to get right back into the thrift store world if you find yourself straying from it.

The main host of the podcast is a genuinely likable speaker, an easy guide for the discussion in every case, and leading with an accessible and welcoming tone. At the same time, these episodes are a pleasure to listen to thanks to that careful balance between friendliness and professionalism.

As suggested, there aren’t too many – if any – other podcasts or places online for thrift store enthusiasts to gather and share tips and ideas; fewer still that speak straight from the heart of that world. Even purely as a small business owner, the show delivers point after point, sealing the deal and making this an absolute must for sharp thinkers and deal seekers far and wide. Absolutely one worth tuning in for as it continues to grow.

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