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Comic Book Historians – PODCAST


Comic Book Historians is an independent podcast that offers quite precisely what the title implies. The hosts dig deep into comic book history, inviting onto the show numerous guests – often legends in the comic book world – and talking everything from early life experiences to the journey and climb to success and ultimately fame within the graphic story world.

Hosts Alex Grand and Jim Thompson showcase a clear love for the art form, asking inquisitive questions that work hard to satisfy the comic book fan’s curiosity in every respect. A recent episode welcomed former Marvel editor Danny Fingeroth along to chat about his life and his experiences working for the comic book giant for almost two decades. There’s a likable, conversational style to the way the discussion pours through, but at the same time, the detail, the professionalism, and the insight, proves deeply honest and quite invaluable for fans and aspiring creatives alike.

Danny Fingeroth in particular makes for a fascinating story-teller – a rightful trait, given his choice of work and his expertise at this point. The whole thing is easy to get lost within, and this quality fortunately runs throughout the Podcast’s 44 episodes to date.

This is more than a simple bit of fan-led discussion and speculation, this show welcomes on-board some of the biggest names in the game – the minds behind the comics, the films, the workload. For all of these reasons, the Comic Book Historians Podcast is a must for anyone with a love for comic books and movies, or indeed anyone with an interest in climbing the ladder in a creative industry. Invaluable perspectives meet with a shared love for the world and history of comic books, to compelling results.

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