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Coffee Table Chronicles – PODCAST


Husband and wife discussions on everything the modern world has to offer – Coffee Table Chronicles is a no-holds-barred conversational podcast, taking a traditionally conservative look at a plethora of topics.

Now in its third season, Coffee Table Chronicles already has dozens of episodes available to stream through. The format presents a sense of hanging out with friends, relaxing and setting the world to rights. The hosts balance humour and honesty in a relatable way, and as you venture through their playlist so far you’ll no doubt be quick to build a connection that keeps you returning.

Most recently kicking off the new year with It Starts With You, the Coffee Table Chronicles conservative podcast explores the upcoming elections and lays down ideas for improving the country overall – ways of banding together, strengthening prospects, and plenty more.

Prior to this, similar themes emerged throughout the year, along with episodes celebrating the traditional stages of the seasons, from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Segments also feature additional talks on issues like national crime, tension in the Middle East, Aliens, Covid 19, and plenty more. If its impacting society and the country at large, Coffee Table Chronicles will tackle it head on.

The great thing about a podcast of this nature is that the dynamic between the hosts is authentic, something built over time and thus naturally free from anything false or uncertain in its integrity. Ideas are presented, discussions move back and forth, and ultimately the conversation feels like that of people with a strong enough relationship foundation to really speak their minds.

Coffee Table Chronicles currently streams live every week on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Rumble, Spotify and Apple, but in the very near future will be focusing more intently on the latter three.

Find the Coffee Table Chronicles Podcast on YouTube or Anchor. Follow the podcast on Facebook to stay updated.

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