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Digging deep into all things gaming and anime, Co-Play Media Podcast is a high energy podcast designed and dedicated to lifting your mood and celebrating a shared love for contemporary entertainment.

Often featuring a plethora of equally enthusiastic guests, each episode is something new and engaging in itself. The show is fun, it stands out for its colourful, fully immersive approach, and the light-hearted relief it generally offers when compared to the majority of indie podcasts that take a somewhat heavier angle.

Though still a fairly new podcast, there are more than enough episodes to binge through already, and even with just one you quickly get a feel for the vibe of the show and the easy escapism it offers. The hosts are immediately entertaining, but also genuine – nothing feels forced, their humor and optimism alike prove authentic and refreshing in every case.

A recent episode marked the first of 2020 is one that welcomes a full-house of speakers, seemingly a group of friends, united amidst their uniquely observational mannerisms – their captivating story-telling, their honest reflections on the world around them, and, ultimately, the Baltimore Light Festival. Talk of event hosting proceeds to emerge, as well as that of cosplay, podcasts, consults, writing, music, and plenty more.

Other episodes feature in-depth, insightful interviews with the likes of Le-Sean Thomas, in which the gang lead with welcoming, inquisitive manners, inviting a clear sense of openness and calm; essentially the perfect environment in which to dig deep on the topics at hand.

Aside from the podcast, Co-Play Media are fully immersed in the worlds of gaming and anime alike. While this may seem like a new venture still, they’ve clearly found their calling – and their roll within media and entertainment. 2020 is set to be a busy year, and if you’re a fan of gaming, anime, both, or even just someone who prefers their podcasts to be a little more laid-back and uplifting, fun – Co-Play Media are undoubtedly a crew to check in with.

A great podcast, naturally charming and a pleasure to let play.

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