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California Teen Neil Nayyar has Mastered 107 Instruments


For most of us, it takes a whole lot of dedication and time to even learn the basics and be able to play a single musical instrument. To master one, they say you need to put in your 10,000 hours – a feat which will generally take several years. For some though, that natural flair for music shines brightly, and the time spent practicing began at a much earlier point.

Thirteen year old Californian Neil Nayyar has recently made waves online thanks to coverage of his impressive ability to not just play a number of different instruments, but to play them at a level that showcases a genuine understanding and a clearly professional ability. And that’s not just any number of instruments, that’s 107 different instruments; to be precise.

Far from purely a lucky or talented artist, though of course this is a big part of it, Neil Nayyar has opened up about his skills and confessed that he dedicates 8 hours per day to practicing his musicianship. And this is all while staying in school, staying focused on his goals, and enjoying the process.

From the more basic and predictable instruments to those which are a little more quirky or rare, Neil Nayyar’s intrigue and interest in music and musical instruments knows no limits – and neither does his passion for learning.

Having mastered several well-known melodies – film and TV scores, mainstream pop songs, classical compositions – Neil is well on his way to carving out a unique and lasting career in music. Check out the full story below.

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