57 episodes deep and having well and truly found its flow as a niche podcast, Bet The House is a uniquely uninhibited, carefree and colourful indie show, which tackles everything from culture to sports, relationships, music and everyday life.

Big Smash, Ms Bree, Bailey Dammit and Ms. Chaunte host the podcast, leading with a clear willingness to be completely themselves on air – a refreshingly authentic angle to witness.

Episodes take a fairly free-style approach to discussion, seeming to kick into gear out of the blue and digging straight into the big questions. The back and forth between the two makes for an entertaining dynamic, their differing opinions work well in offering two sides of every story, and regardless of the topic, each brings a unique and often comical perspective to the table – all of which helps make this an easily engaging podcast.

A recent episode deals with the issue of trapping partners by getting pregnant. It’s not perhaps a common occurrence in many friend circles, but you hear about it on TV and in the media from time to time. In any case, you can’t help but listen in, and the hosts add plenty of energy and humor to the conversation that helps lighten the load and make this almost like a real-time, live soap-opera of sorts.

Outside of the family chats, other episodes dig deep into moral values, karma, aging, classic songwriting, loyalty, protection, and plenty more. No topic is out of reach, and by the sound of their openness, the possibilities are endless for where Bet The House can take things in the future.

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