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Beer and Conversation with Pigweed and Crowhill (PODCAST)


Professionally crafted, setting the vibe early on with Americana and a classic radio-style warmth, Beer and Conversation with Pigweed and Crowhill is a fire-side Podcast designed to display yet simultaneously ease the weight of the world, and offer listeners the easy-going escapism they deserve.

Celebrating precisely the vague and uninhibited topics promised by the title, the show sees hosts Pigweed and Crowhill sit back to sample and rate an array of ales and beers, whilst discussing their origins, and anything and everything else that comes to light along the way.

Seamlessly blending the tropes of modern life – politics, tech, business, the current global health crisis – with a nostalgic, laid-back manner of conversation, the podcast finds a likeable niche that works well to unite audiences of various ages and backgrounds.

No subject is out of bounds, and each host brings a different set of ideas and experiences to the table, making for a chat that follows the in-depth yet unstructured style of the internationally familiar, drinking-fuelled conversations that our bar and pub-less society is currently missing.

Far more informative and interesting than most indie offerings, a recent episode reviews Port City’s Long Black Veil, an American style, black IPA, whilst discussing whether or not employers should have a say in what employees do on their own time. Almost certainly a dialogue you’ll want to get involved in – a likelihood that rings true throughout the Podcast’s episodes to date.

Visit the show’s Website for episodes & info. Find & follow them on Twitter.

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