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Balancing Acts, by Steve Whiteley (PODCAST)


The UK’s own Steve Whiteley hosts the uniquely inquisitive Podcast Balancing Acts – a show designed for and dedicated to exploring the act of balancing creativity with every day life. This is how the pros do it, how they manage success and unwavering desires to create, and how it impacts their mental health and well-being in general.

Featuring an array of interesting guests, from actors to comedians, writers, producers, the podcast utilizes Steve’s own intrigue and enthusiasm, to lead guests into talking openly and honestly about their creative pursuits.

An actor, comedian and filmmaker himself, Steve’s own creative drive brings a level of passion, confidence and humour to the Podcast, which helps things flow in a natural and engaging manner.

A recent episode welcomed Ian Robertson to talk in-depth about the pressures of constantly coming up with new ideas. He discusses how taking over 4,000 pictures for a stop-motion video ultimately launched his career as a director. The whole thing is easy to let play, taking an authentic and revealing pathway, which offers plenty of actionable tips and ideas to help you better manage your own creative and career pursuits.

From comedic realism, to inspiring true stories of combining passion with a strong work ethic and an ongoing desire to learn, Balancing Acts is well on track to becoming one of the most relevant and beneficial podcasts around.

Whatever creative field you may be in, or in fact, whatever your ambition or projected career path is, you’re likely to find these conversations loaded with both comforting realities and hard truths.

As the world continues to see the rise of the Content Creators – unlimited makers of things, unconfined by genre or medium – Balancing Acts provides an invaluable look at what it really takes to succeed.

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