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Baile do Valenche : House is a Feeling. It’s a Spiritual Thing.


Celebrating the very best in house music from across the globe, Baile do Valanche is a podcast with a brilliant set-up, featuring stunning playlists with smooth transitions that work hard to elevate you away from the weight of the world.

Though still in its early days, there are already well over 17 hours of sessions available and ready to assist you with your essential escapism. Featuring a fine selection of tracks in every case, the show envelops listeners with crisp, clean production and presentation, balancing melody and hypnotic loops of professional, pristine sound design, offering the perfect backdrop to your day, your long commute, or even the soundtrack to your late night event.

Including plenty of techno, a recent venture into Brazilian Funk, and instances of mellow calm as much so as those that quickly uplift and energize, Baile do Valenche takes the podcast format to new levels, delivering unmissable playlists and sets that quickly transport listeners to brighter, more comfortable realms.

Where longer DJ sets have previously been showcased on YouTube, Soundcloud or Mixcloud somewhat exclusively, Valenche brings the long-form engagement to Spotify. Rather than needing to skip tracks or arrange your own playlists – or even rely on someone with a less-than-enthusiastic love for the genre – Valenche takes out the middle man, promising the perfect hour of house music perfection at a supremely high quality.

Turn up the volume and let it play.

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