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Attacco Virtual Controller – Make Music on Any Surface (No Hardware Needed)


Stepping up their game in the modern music production world, Attacco launch the beta version of their brand new Virtual Controller.

The digital breakthrough allows creatives to transform any surface into a drum or MIDI controller, using a simple finger tap or impromptu tool in unison with an audio interface.

Suddenly inspired by the music in your head? No need to panic set-up and trip over wires and gear in the process. This handy bit of software revolutionises sound-design, and effectively downsizes the contemporary studio by allowing musicians to get creative in any given moment; right there at the space on their desk. What’s not to like?

The technology works by analysing each and every hit detected through your microphone. The signal is broken down to record its speed, timbre and velocity, then converted into usable MIDI data to be played back as music in your DAW.

Both intriguing and in tune with the passion and skill required to make new music, Attacco’s Virtual Controller promises to shine new light on inspiration, and open up a world of artistic pathways for the producers of tomorrow.

Check out Attacco on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website for updates & info regarding the official launch.

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