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As Good As I Remember (PODCAST)


Offering unwavering nostalgia, a mighty blast from the past, As Good As I Remember is a podcast celebrating the very best in classic gaming from yesteryear. Whether it’s Resident Evil or Luigi’s Mansion, expect to hear in depth references to a plethora of games you’d almost forgotten existed.

Hosts Rachel and Tom Zimmerman lead with a clear love for the topic at hand, making the whole conversation feel a little like a meet-up with friends. At the same time, you almost forget the historical nature of these games as the detail and specifics on display make the memories hit with defiant clarity.

What’s interesting is that while these seem like they should be conversations you may have already had some time ago – these are games you will have played as a child, not a grown-up; your discussion of them was likely to have been notably different. This adulthood reflection on the memories and details of a well-spent youth proves surprisingly interesting.

Though still at the beginning of its journey, there are already 16 episodes available to binge through, each one spanning generally past the one hour mark. There’s a comforting, calming aura to a show like this, its inherent focus on the good times and the simplicity of the past acts like a therapeutic antidote to the fast pace and complexity of contemporary life.

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