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Fairly new to the scene but already stacked full of long-form discussions and a plethora of Quarantined Vibes to help you lift the weight of stillness right now – Any Ol’ Podcast is an indie show that wholly encapsulates the implications of its title.

Jumping straight into the chat in every case, leading with an air of care-free, natural connection – as if this is merely a group of friends talking privately – Any Ol’ Podcast proceeds to cover a world of different topics in a consistently honest, opinionated and entertaining fashion.

At eighteen episodes deep, the show has already found its flow and niche as an indie podcast. The theme of each session is somewhat unpredictable, and the direction the discussions move in is equally impossible to expect.

From celebrity culture to sports, personal beliefs and cultural differences, from guns to pandemics to God, no subject is out of bounds. Furthermore, the hosts each bring their individuality to the stage to create an ultimately provocative dynamic, which proves a huge part of what gives the show its edge.

Not merely floating through with pure improvisation, there’s a certain air of depth to many of these episodes – the ideas provoke thought, there’s emotion and personal truth involved, and all of this helps the listener really build a worthy connection with the hosts; and makes them all the more likely to return in the future for another hit of intelligent escapism.

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