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Allegedly Evident – True Crime Podcast


Introducing a brand new true crime podcast, one that uniquely cuts away the fat of conversation and instead simply reads through well-researched details and facts regarding each story. Allegedly Evident welcomes both new and seasoned true crime fans to delve into stories both unsettling and fascinating.

Beginning with a forty-minute exploration for The Burger Chef Murder Series, Part One, Allegedly Evident employs an AI-generated voice to read through intricately well-researched, real-life cases and dark realities, and does so with an unbiased, compassionate edge – a focus on allowing audiences to form their own conclusions. The approach delivers carefully curated content, facts and file details, with absolutely no filler nor emotional predisposition to nudge things unfairly.

The Burger Chef Murder Series is captivating from the start, presenting only the precise intricacies of these historically disconcerting events. The episode begins with a character back-story, and proceeds to relay the experiences and events that actually led to the thoughts and actions of those involved. This approach is refreshingly unique, an often overlooked aspect of the most confusing true crime incidents. There is often, if not always, a reason for the way people turn out and the decisions or mindset that makes them, and the Allegedly Evident Podcast makes sure to establish those possible reasons on the pathway to telling the more infamous sides of the story.

The Burger Chef Murder Series will have you gripped by its sheer devotion to the descriptions and events of this disturbing tale. A strong debut episode and an eye-opening introduction to the style and substance of the Allegedly Evident true-crime Podcast.

Striving to become a force for good in the podcast world, Allegedly Evident provides a platform for advocacy and spreading awareness about various injustices.

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