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All In With The Allens! (PODCAST)


Immediately calming the mood with a crystal clear production style, laid-back musical accompaniment, and a vocal tone that all at once brings a knowledgeable, welcoming and natural vibe into the room – All In With The Allens! is a uniquely uninhibited new podcast.

The show touches on a variety of topics throughout its forty five minute episodes, the Allens laying out a structure and proceeding to invest in the discussion in a passionate, informed and genuine way.

From sports to pregnancy, topical issues to those more personal, All In With The Allens! offers up precisely what the title implies. The duo deliver equal parts professionalism and realism, meandering in an interesting, often beneficial manner, but also balancing fact with plenty of personal insight to help the whole thing connect on a deeply human level.

The voices and the style of production here helps elevate this show above the majority of its indie peers from the offset. Then you get the content, which already seems to be navigating towards a particular niche – this is life, from the perspective of a hard-working family – and slowly but surely everything begins to fall into place.

Though still very much in its early days, there’s a lot of value to be found in these episodes. The couple talk buying houses, starting a family, as well as businesses, NFL, Disney World, and whatever else comes to light. The field is open to possibilities, and by the look of things, no subject is out of reach.

Well crafted and worth a listen this lock-down.

Check out all episodes on iTunes or Google. Find & follow hosts Ricardo & Gracie.

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