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All Good Points: A Sports Podcast


Coming in at 44 episodes deep already, All Good Points is a brilliantly concise, to-the-point and detailed new podcast, that effectively highlights and celebrates the latest in sports news and athlete and celebrity interviews.

The show’s host – Ricky Gray Jr. – drives with a definite level of professionalism, but effectively balances this with a subtle but certain love for the topics at hand. The world of sports entertainment is vast, and Ricky works hard to touch on as much as possible but without losing that natural flow and informative angle that lets the whole thing prove notably valuable at the end of a long week. Get your updates, get involved, and chill out as these half-hour-long episodes engage and entertain you.

Covering all of the latest NFL, NBA, MLB and MMA news, as well as bringing through a crucial health and wellness series – one that welcomes guests, experts in their fields – All Good Points more than delivers on the promises made by its title.

A recent episode, Ep.44 – New York’s New QB! AB’s In Trouble Again! – tackles all of the latest game results, detailing stand-out players and outcomes. A great place to begin, but there’s also plenty to catch up on before this if you’re a genuine, through-and-through sports fan.

Far from your average sports podcast, this is one that sticks to the point – pun intended – and quickly yet professionally fills you in on anything and everything the sports world has offered up in recent weeks. Straight from the heart but guided by a clear and respectable level of expertise, Ricky Gray Jr. knows his stuff, and All Good Points is well worth looking into.

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