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A Very Weird Fantasy Football Podcast


Almost fifty episodes deep and A Very Weird Fantasy Football Podcast has undoubtedly found its flow as an alternative, excitable sports podcast – one that digs right into the imaginative details of all things Fantasy Football.

While the concept is popular across the globe, the niche is less represented in this format so far. The hosts make sure to put their own unique and entertaining spin on things in order to appeal and keep listeners coming back for more, and it works well.

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Fantasy Sports Professionals, Dripping with Personality you wont find on any other sports Podcast!

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While the hosts consistently showcase a clearly knowledgeable awareness of the football world, they also drive with a likeable dynamic, often humorously bickering, or delivering a back and forth that genuinely feels like it would take place with or without the presence of an audience. Involving yourself and your own opinions, of course, allows the escapism of the podcast format to really work its magic.

With the likely pause of many mass-gatherings, sporting events included, this kind of show is set to prove all the more valuable. Get your football fix in a fun and refreshing way.

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