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3P Theory, by Mike Brown (PODCAST)


Professionally crafted and faultlessly focused on the topics at hand, Mike Brown’s 3P Theory is a uniquely intentional, informative podcast, designed to help shed light on sustainability issues within the commercial building sector.

Undoubtedly having peaked within this particular niche already, 3P Theory is a fascinating and increasingly crucial listen regardless of what field you may be in. For those with an avid interest in a more sustainable future (hopefully most of us by now), or heavily involved within the building industry, the show of course proves all the more valuable.

Featuring a plethora of guests from industry professionals to innovators and trailblazers across the board, 3P Theory opens the floor to in-depth discussions covering everything from energy efficiency to water / wastewater, building resilience, renewable energy, green building finance, and all that falls in between.

A recent episode entitled You Are What You Breathe delves into the matter of improving indoor air quality – something that again may seem fairly niche but in reality affects, without question, the vast majority of us.

Finding itself rightfully situated amidst the business, technology and education categories alike, 3P Theory is set-up to inform, to offer actionable advice, and to bridge the gap between the average civilian or worker and the truth, the facts; relating to what needs to be done in order for the future of construction to be sustainable.

A brilliantly interesting, insightful and undoubtedly beneficial podcast. Well worth letting stream as you go about your day.

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If you’re looking to get inspired, motivated, and fired up to take ACTION towards a greener planet you’re in right place.

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Download or stream 3P Theory here. Find & follow Mike Brown on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram & Twitter.

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