Zoick’s dream of Sophia begins as the music does – a simple and pleasant encounter – but this is clearly just the start of something much bigger. As things progress, the change in vocal tone and subsequently the impact of the song go on to reflect a stark change in language use.

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I’m not entirely sure whether the lyric was a nod to Billy Taylor’s I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free. I really hope it was, I love the cross-pollination of genre present, and this reference would be the icing on the cake. The whole thing is undoubtedly a grower.


Essex-based singer-songwriter Georgia Box’s sex positive anthem Coco is a well-produced pop song that could comfortably fit within the mainstream.


If you were setting out to write a banger, you’d be well advised to analyse this latest confection from Nikotene, which switches up dynamics all over the shop to retain interest, and litters the lyrics with smart contemporary references which delight and satisfy in equal measure.


Rasha has created some intelligent, fantastic support for her voice in this spacious production. Instruments are stabbing their different colours at the canvas to create splashes of interest providing the backdrop to the main event, which is absolutely Rasha’s lead vocal.

Kingston, Jamaica-based artist Chevaughn’s Karamel Indigo is a song that immediately draws you in and maintains interest throughout. Having already amassed 5000+ plus views in a mere matter of days, Chevaughn’s new song is a celebration of all hues of black women across the world.