Always a dangerous word to throw around in a relationship, Irrational is a song that explores the genuine issue of overreacting to minor situations, but it does so in such a joyful bounce of a way that it almost feels like a compliment.

Indie PopSongwriter

Instrumentally eclectic world music and traditional folk tones unite with electric guitar and strong grooves – Woven Green provide the vastness of organic musical escapism, with the beautifully unpredictable and imaginative album Emergence.


Having served in the Marines in 2004, Kevin and his closest friends were hit by an improvised explosive device, seeing the latter perish and leaving Kevin fighting to survive. This event impacted his entire future in every possible way, and as such, music became an unparalleled tool for healing and acceptance.

Indie PopIndie RockShoegazeSoft Rock

Big vibes for the summer, smooth and mellow but on point in both melody and topic. Knotice1k delivers the best of his bars and songwriting, alongside an equally impressive Chakuda, for the intoxicating, soulful, and perfectly-titled single Slow.

Hip HopRapSoul Rap

Always unpredictable yet heartfelt, Eddie Wang consistently releases original songs that intrigue by both topic and design.

For his latest offering, Eddie presents the theatre-style depth of his voice by way of a long-form ballad and a brilliantly memorable pop hook.


Conceptually deep and provocative by nature, there’s more to love about Abstract with each re-listen. The production and melody create a shoulder-swaying groove that’s a pleasure to let play, but then on closer inspection, the lyrics prompt you to become inescapably aware of the fragility of life and the inevitable passing of time.

Electro PopIndie PopProducerSongwriter