Fusing a simple yet addictive string riff, with a contemporary beat and a doubled-vocal line that digs deep into personal relations and reflections on life – RianMusic’s The One is a uniquely recognisable song that quickly leaves its mark.

Alt PopElectro PopPop

From a natural storm ambiance, through a jazz-cafe soundscape & a delicate beat, to these two paired vocals, Jay Libz and Immortal Youth, working in unison towards a shared poetic intention. Nuance is everything the genre needs right now.

Hip Hop

Misfit’s latest single encapsulates the concept of self-drive and progression, leading with a simple, clean-cut and refreshingly melodic soundscape, and a hook that’s catchy enough to leave its mark in an instant.

Hip Hop

One of our generation’s most prolific and insightful, compelling poets, Ultra_eko blends a dreamlike, piano-led ambiance, with faultless vocals; delivering bar after bar, or page after page of the story, while barely pausing to breathe.

Hip HopTrip Hop