Twelve tracks & not a single moment is filler or worth skipping over – far from it. I could listen to this three times in the day & not tire of it. It’s been a while since that was the case.


This album works well to hold the mood so you can drive or escape to it on any given day. At the same time, Soul offers that personal touch, that authenticity that lets you feel less alone as his songs reach out to you.


Great vibes a-plenty from The Fell Swoop this rainy Sunday. Straight from the soulful swagger of San Francisco, the band offer classic funk & soul with an added flicker of pop-songwriting; fit to fill the boots of any of history’s funkiest live bands. 


Apexisback brings the darkness, intensity & character required to give listeners the precise feeling of something epic making a return to the stage. The newly familiar, ever-creative rap-flow of Apex makes itself known early on.


You settle into the vibe of the exploration quickly. It’s refreshing, but not at the cost of clear skill. The music has a minimalist feel that lets you appreciate how flawless the vocal performance is.