Recognited as a producer drives with equal parts professionalism & creativity. There’s delicacy here, thoughtfulness as to how each element steps into the mix – drawing you in with simple yet effective musical strength.


A masterpiece, by all accounts. A complex, multi-layered audio experience that has been flawlessly crafted & considerately presented to its audience. Fully immersive, beautifully catered to escapism, powerfully designed to enhance any moment with energy & vibrancy.


There’s a clear love story being told within the lyrics, also portrayed well through Alex’s singing. The emotion in his voice is relatable. We’ve all been in a place where we’ve been thinking about that one person in the most chaotic or socially ​inappropriate of times.


One of his most intensely infectious riffs yet – a hard hitting, distorted synth set to wind its way into your consciousness in an instant. The track is heavy, ready to energize & uplift, the song’s subject matter leans in that direction too – offering motivation, a winner’s mentality.

Alt PopEDMElectronic RockSka

Following the beauty and style of their earlier single Flipside, The Keymakers return this year with a smooth step in a bright new direction, and things look set to keep on rising higher for the duo. The Keymakers, comprised of brothers Rederic and Rome Alexander, are Burning Me Up with their latest single. The track starts … Continued


The synth-driven melody glides through shimmering snares & cymbals to create a lucid, poly-rhythmic path of movement – a sequence that compels one to dance. It’s as if the song leaves you wandering around in the dark parts of your mind.

EDMElectronic Rock

Flashback plays like an emergency broadcast, urging listeners to go back to the days when we weren’t isolated or prisoners to our earbuds & tiny screens. It’s a call to come back to the club, to stand next to a real person, to experience the beautiful chaos of live music.


The introduction’s sparkling mix fades into violin strings, oscillating between high & low – hope & despair. The sweet simplicity calls back beginnings, a sort of naive angst present in any childhood (the elation to grow tinged with the fear of obscurity).