Recognited as a producer drives with equal parts professionalism & creativity. There’s delicacy here, thoughtfulness as to how each element steps into the mix – drawing you in with simple yet effective musical strength.


Stew has done well to capture the sound of the moment with this, as well as not overwhelming his audience with weight or multiple layers of volume, colour & detail. The space & the simple beauty of it are likely to appeal for their originality & how easy they are to take on.


This project is undoubtedly about the songwriting, that’s what stands the tallest. It’s a strong collection that will likely be enjoyed by fans spanning from the Eagles to the more modern day indie-rock bands of not too long ago.


A gorgeous song, thoughtfully written, structured in a manner that grabs your attention with that almost whispered softness & purity, and that poetic lyricism. There’s a youthfulness to his voice that seems to contrast with the awareness in his writing, and that’s a powerful thing.


One of his most intensely infectious riffs yet – a hard hitting, distorted synth set to wind its way into your consciousness in an instant. The track is heavy, ready to energize & uplift, the song’s subject matter leans in that direction too – offering motivation, a winner’s mentality.

Alt PopEDMElectronic RockSka

The very essence of rock & punk music was originally that connection shared between working people who had grown tired of the rat race & of living under somebody else’s thumb. Moe Green’s Eye bring all of this & more to their music.

Punk RockRock