loaded is not only a great track – produced to the highest quality, leading with a smooth and easily memorable hook, anthem-like on the whole – it’s also a bold and striking introduction to every artist featured within.

Hip Hop

TexMex Shaman’s return this month brings an explicitly unique cover of a summertime classic. In his own words, when approaching this yesteryear hit from The Commodores, TexMex Shaman tried to ‘keep the soul and change the shoes;’ a brilliantly fitting phrase that actually perfectly well encapsulates the journey you’re about to embark upon.


Infrared is everything the dance or trance fan could want – simple yet subtly recognisable details, a consistent sense of movement and energy, and a brilliantly skillful bit of craft-work that lets the whole thing rain down with an awakening vibrancy.


Watch Out For Me is a great song, with a mighty hook. The whole thing is familiar yet refreshing, skillfully crafted and beautifully, stylishly performed. An incredibly impressive debut, with an equally intriguing, dark yet confident accompanying video.

Alt PopPop

JRS3 has done well to create something refreshing with this. Instrumentally it works a treat, taking the hip hop sound somewhere new & creative, though with a dash of retro synths & electric guitar – the past & the present meet, along with several genres. An easily memorable & quite addictive hit. 


P.A.T is no stranger to self-belief & self-empowerment – his name is an acronym for Potential, Ambition, Talented, and this track speaks volumes for that sentiment & holds close to the creative’s own truth.


A producer creating those unbelievably hard-hitting beats that so often seem to have been lost or left behind in a cloud of memories.There’s something subtly characterful about the sound. It’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s there – this meeting between yesterday & tomorrow.