Immy talks of his demons and being kept awake all night, presenting flickers of detail and further intimacy as the story unravels, but all the while there’s a sense of positivity to the sound and the chord progression – even to his vocal delivery.

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

Expect the nostalgic good vibes of smooth jazz and RnB in strong supply on this single from Chris Legacy – as well as one of the most subtly memorable hooks the genre has seen in quite some time.


Alive is a song with a specific intention and sentiment within its story-line. Donquest leads with this at every step, keeping his bars poetic and personal, reflective of a hard-working, driven creative.


While there are dashes of recognizable, contemporary hip hop in the vocal effects and the beat, this considerate core seems to stand taller than that, so from the offset you get an image of LA$ka as fairly poetic and more of a deep thinker than most. 

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

Nikol Star has a sound that feels relevant to today’s world of hip hop and RnB crossovers, but it’s also a sound and style that could well build up a collection of songs easily recognisable as unique and loaded with specific personality. You know the tone once you’ve heard it, and that makes a big difference.

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Making sure to take the time to write something meaningful, something that connects and is relatable but presents itself in a new and profound manner – these are the qualities that give a song the strength to break through the noise, and these are precisely the qualities Chupapi offers up in his music.


Bringing together the smoothness of jazz, the soulfulness of RnB, and the honesty of hip hop, Change My Ways is a track that lays out some calming good vibes and a heartfelt, deeply personal sentiment that connects for its realness.