DeeZire are a duo with voices designed for precisely the kind of smooth and soulful RnB vibes presented on this single. All Night Long is a gorgeously ambient track with a classically warm aura and some likable levels of nostalgia – the sort that easily take you somewhere calm and comforted. 


The soundscape itself loops out & around you as a soothing constant – that riff, that subtle sense of rhythm, that voice; all of it connects in a masterful yet natural way. Fusing poetry with personal reflections on life, the lyrics captivate & offer a fine balance between individual truth and a more widely accessible feeling of isolation or being lost.


There’s familiarity in the way the whole thing pours through. There’s not a common set-up, it doesn’t feel verse-chorus-like, it just emerges and moves along like an ambient hip hop loop; adding further to that laid back, calming energy. 


Simple creative touches can be perfect as long as the sentiment & subject matter is being expressed in a genuine way. There’s a peacefulness to the music and a passionate energy to the vocal performance, creating a striking contrast that lets the message really sink in. 

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LA-based duo Elizabritz somehow bring smoother vibes than ever with this latest single Durant Ave. More than that in fact, there’s a blissfully nostalgic and natural flow to this track that takes you back and calms you in a totally genuine way.


Adonis Butler & MIIKØ’s return is always something to look forward to. In this case, The Comedown leans in a deeply mellow direction – a smooth beat and an equally easy-going string of vocals make for a calming few minutes that feel freshly rooted in today’s sound. 


The song feels real because the performance is so honest and heartfelt. Then as the soundscape gathers intensity, the feeling multiplies – the energy grows stronger, and for those who find themselves in a similar situation as talked about in the track, this makes for the perfect modern anthem to re-connect and move forward with a significant other.