An easily addictive little anthem, Emotions is a complex and heartfelt song, which resolves perfectly well with a hook that quickly and long-lastingly injects its melody into your consciousness.


Softly soulful, breathy vocals ride beautifully alongside a simple, crisp guitar riff, both elements blending stylishly with the consistent pulse of an electronic beat.


Blending an other-worldly use of effects for a dreamlike contemporary rap and RnB sound, with a surprisingly detailed manner of story-telling, South Africa’s M.A.T.T offers intimacy and late-night, calming vibes with his new EP Majestic.

Hip HopRnB

This is distinctly accomplished, and I imagine the vocal sessions alone must have taken a long time to write and organise. Impressive, and over far too soon.


Riding the wave of contemporary, topical music making, Jace Heyman stylishly blends a simple and infectious hook melody, with a familiar concept, a clean and calming soundscape, and an unexpected tumble of subtle reggae rhythms for this brand new single.

DancehallHip HopPopReggaeRnB

Fusing the delicacy of a warming synth-soaked backdrop, with an equally gentle, nearly whispered, intimate vocal line, the song blends melody and rap in a simple, stylish and subtly infectious way.

Hip HopPopRnB

As the soundscape seduces, the vocal works in unison towards that same goal, and the smooth energy and rhythm of the song, the simple strength of that hook and how memorable it is, all helps make this an addictive little hit that’s all at once refreshing and stylistically comforting.