With a dark & smoky, incredibly tantalizing voice, Sove melodically weaves her way through an EP that’s both entirely grounded & incredibly ethereal. There were points where I found myself floating away, lost in the depth of the music, lulled into a sense of mystified wonder in the chiaroscuro of Sove’s vocals.


The song in its current state is far from the wild dance track you might expect. When the vocals first fall away, a stunningly delicate riff descends before you, as well as a flicker of strings appearing in the distance – all of which adds to the depth & emotion of the soundscape as a work of art.


As far as pop songs go, this is precisely the kind of piece you could expect to hear on various mainstream radio stations – the familiarity, the memorable nature of the hook, the concept and this underlying idea of togetherness; it all breathes life and optimism into the scene.


Swedish indie-pop duo I Am Nova made waves throughout the past year with their explosive live shows, and now – with the release of Good Enough – they rise even higher, showcasing some brilliantly infectious & energetic pop songwriting. 


With each new listen to French 75, the more the details & the ambiance appeal – they sound increasingly original & enjoyable as you familiarise yourself with them, giving the song a touch of longevity; and drawing you in even further towards Alex Blocker as an artist. 


The concept is quite brilliant, I’m making it up as I go along is a line that undoubtedly will connect with so many listeners – we all at some point feel as if we’re doing exactly this, whether at work or in a relationship or in life in general. This central sentiment is represented well by the flair & vibrancy of the song in full. 

Alt PopPop