As the EP plays, the instrumentation consistently reflects the sentiments of each song. You get a definite sense of this being a songwriter, an artist, first and foremost – not confined by a single genre or rule.


Toronto’s K-Pop inspired group BANDIT have released a fully scripted, short-film-like video for their single Dangerous, and both the song and the accompanying visuals offer up something colorfully memorable. 


The shared effect of these releases is that you get to witness both the high energy, polished presentation of a single, and the stripped back, raw acoustic set-up of an intimate live performance. In both cases, The Blue Artic easily meets the requirements of the moment.


DYLI offers up some blissfully mellow vibes on this latest single Cherry Coke. A simple ambiance emerges, a classically warm beat & a few distant synths bring through gentle colour & calm. Alongside of this, DYLI’s leading voice drives with a modern RnB style & tone.


Utilizing simple but colourful pop building blocks to craft a minimalist yet intentional soundscape, Georgia Mae presents something quirky yet stylish with this latest single Fools. 


The songs covered range from age-old acoustic releases to modern day dance-pop, and plenty that falls in between. You can hear this love for the songs & this connection to the music on every track.