The specifics of the song lean in a number of different directions – snippets of jazz appear on occasion, a definite rock influence is hinted at within the drum line & the electric guitar parts.

PopSoft Rock

X-Rated is the jaw-droppingly explicit new single from artist & songwriter Jamar Germain. The title is undeniably true to the concept, and this is the perfect RnB-Pop crossover song to see music fans through to the upcoming brighter seasons.


Hazzy E is an artist crafting her own unique take on pop & hip hop that is soaked in a certain sense of identity & originality. There’s a touch of the familiar in the style & swagger of Bitter – the rhythm, the pace, the passion & confidence.


The artist’s now familiar & comforting leading voice delivers the sentiment & the various stages of the song in a perfectly delicate, genuine way. The soundscape showcases a lightly upbeat rhythm & folk-rock energy.