Right from this offset this release has such good vibes. The rhythm & lightness, that dance-hall or reggae-fusion feel, it lays the ambiance effectively & this is all backed up & enhanced by a considerably genuine, warm sounding leading voice. 


How this much could emerge in one strike is immense – the stories, the flow, the rhymes, the vocal tone, the honesty, the musical eclecticism, the endless variety. A total must for fans of classic hip hop with fresh ideas & more than a few musical twists. 


Sometimes with experience come rules or walls that confine & control the creation of art. Peter Cavallo moves in some other direction, always developing skills musically, always pushing to reach new creative realms of expression.

Neo Classical

D Brown’s Manchild bring about the nostalgic raw energy of a Jimi Hendrix performance. The song offers a smooth yet gritty gathering of electric guitars & all round soulful, passionate musicianship.


The further you get into the mix, the more this break down to the gentler moments settles in as familiar, as do certain lines. When the hook hits, the full throttle energy of classic rock & roll smashes into action.