There’s a lot about this that is fresh, which has value both creatively & in terms of being something music fans can take to when the old ways have grown too predictable.


Episode three welcomes the incredible Jeremy Gladstone of Sleeping Bag Studios to the show. We talk about his journey in music so far, what it takes to craft a career in today’s music world, what it’s like to write music reviews, how to stay inspired, & what happened to Nickelback.

Dark Lite’s message is strong – don’t let any one tell you that you can’t do something. If the dream is there, go after it. From Belgium to New York is his story; a well produced, creative & passionate debut album.


The creative freedom to explore & express whatever is of interest is unstoppable here, which makes for something loaded with individuality. A touch of Outkast comes through on occasion, as does a hint of Cypress Hill. Everything else feels completely new.


Bringing together elements of electro-pop & trip-hop, the song has a certain softness that works gorgeously behind a distinctly memorable melody. The song is peacefully poetic & offers up a hopeful, easy to escape to vibe.