The 3Mind Blight sound is quickly becoming a thing entirely of its own. Uncertainty reigns, but there’s a sense of possibility – a feeling that not knowing isn’t quite as bad as it sometimes seems. ‘It’ll be alright if I live a good life.’ 

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3mind Blight toys around with the art-form, with the writing, the effects – the song is partly for all of us, accessible and vague, yet certain moments within the verses take the form of a personal deep-dive into the artist’s own past and his role within this world.

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The now unmistakable sound of 3mind Blight offers a hint of classic Eminem-style story-telling with this single Another Life. Another impressive, fascinating and brilliantly produced release from the Oklahoma based artist and songwriter. 


Absolutely the best of his work to date – a uniquely interesting & addictive track that ticks a whole lot of boxes. The sort of song that speaks out for you or offers so much vulnerability & humanity that you can’t help but connect with it & feel what it portrays within. 

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