Format offers up a classic rap anthem to bring hard workers and hip hop fans together in a big way. No Entry is a huge track, beginning with a melodic hook – a choir of vocals chanting this rhythm and concept to you in an inviting and immersive way.


Alex E’s Passionfruit is quite possibly the most unusual and unique release to emerge this year. The whole thing is in its own world entirely, seeming to have been crafted from pure and free creativity. For this reason, it captures your attention fairly quickly; and is incredibly easy to recognise.


There’s a humble air of authenticity to this album that makes it a reliable and deeply appealing project. Font Leroy is not out here shouting for attention or desperate for views. Instead, he’s making music that means something to him, that he himself is a fan of, and for these reasons the entire album works perfectly.

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Ben Ferrell creates precisely the chilled out vibes we could all use at the end of a long day. Wannabe is a gorgeously mellow jazz-trip-hop track that utilizes a few key ingredients to build something smooth and dreamlike for listeners to escape within.


The Khatarnaak hip hop collective sees the artist breakaway for this individual venture, he offers up a track that hits hard but with an easy to appreciate delicacy at the same time.