It’s a raw sound, it sounds live – something you don’t get too much of these days. You can hear the band in real time, and the unity between the bass, the guitars, the melody, and the drums – a brilliant performance on the drums – is easy to get on board with.

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The backdrop is brilliant, the organic bounce of the music is fresh & fits the vocal confidence & style here perfectly well. Some of the best lyrical observations come through, complete with clever wordplay & more than a few memorable lines.


This EP is insane – every song is an epic anthem of classic rock, but it’s also never quite as you’d expect. Strangely Alright aren’t afraid to fill the moment with creativity & unpredictable instrumentation. A brilliantly well presented, uplifting collection that marks a huge moment in the band’s journey. 

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Electric Drama have created a blissfully calming soundscape with this latest single Coincidence – one within which the delicately dark & deeply thoughtful melodic outpouring weaves an effective pathway of escapism around you. 


Moromo always puts so much of himself into his music anyway, but this latest single seems to be in a league of its own in that respect. His voice veers off without a care, lost in the moment and swept away by the central idea of the song.

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Something like classic rock & roll with a Brit-pop edge of melody & performance, and a whole lot of energy. On top of this is their songwriting – so many tracks feel like absolute anthems, the sort that beg to be witnessed in a live setting; a festival would be ideal.

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