CAVEPARTY have released a stunning new anthem, aptly entitled Beautiful. The song makes for a classic indie rock experience that builds up from quiet contemplation to absolute passion and energy throughout its three and half minute lifespan.

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Not Industry Standard is the perfect name for this EP. This short playlist is swiftly likable, deeply honest, and musically pure. Steel is unconcerned with expectation or, as stated, industry standards, so his music has a level of freedom and realness about it that’s decidedly rare.


Noella Usborne tackles intimacy and a fear of being broken by love on this latest single. Leading with unquestionable honesty, the song is open and relatable for its genuine approach to contemporary relationship issues.


An open and loyal dedication to one of the world’s most well-loved plants, All This Time encapsulates a love for marijuana in everything from the lyrics to the accompanying video.


Andy Jordan & producer Benedict Gibbon have crafted an absolute dream with this latest single. The smooth seduction of that bass-line & Jordan’s softly soulful, raspy leading voice pave the way beautifully – laying out an organic & engaging foundation, upon which the song in full can stand tall & hit with unquestionable impact as it pours through. 

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