Alexis is a project that has been compiled with care and professionalism alike – you can hear this in the music, alongside of passion and positivity, every step of the way. Gerred has put so much of himself into the album, and it works.


The whole concept could either be deeply metaphorical or completely, sadly literal. This is metal of course, so perhaps both play a part in the truth. As a debut in particular, Trigger is a hard-hitting, expressive & really well crafted track.

Hard RockMetalRock

Those of us who remember the simple, spacious & observational artistry of the likes of The Streets & Audio Bullys, will respond to this single from Charlie Steel with a deep level of appreciation for its nostalgic, minimalist aura.


Guilting not only the guilty, but the ignorant; Intimidation Doll seeks to make domestic assault everyone’s business. With a song as well constructed, incredibly conceived & musically adept as this, PMKS have every chance to make that happen.

Electronic RockRock

Radio Drive’s recently released project is one that brings a bright & emotionally open collection of songs that seem to float somewhere between indie-pop & the more classic rock sounds of the 70’s.