Blue Eyes is an upcoming collaborative album from Justin Don and Big Juicy. The artists join forces to offer up half an hour of ambient, rhythmic hip hop – dreamlike soundscapes meet with relentless vocal flows, and story-lines that paint clear and compelling scenes around you.


Justin Don is a creative who has crafted a uniquely ambient playlist for music fans, bringing together elements of hip hop & dreamlike electronica alike, paving the way for a calming experience that’s as fit for escapism as it is those moments where we desire a little understanding or some humanity.

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

POPMFS goes hard on this full-length EP, bringing hip hop fans some absolute classic vibes and some pretty unforgettable new tracks to embrace. Where Ya Been is the perfect opener, a high energy anthem with a melodic backdrop and a multi-vocal sense of togetherness.


Between the rap verses, the mellow tones, and the snippets of intense historical speech, the whole piece creates a powerful space and prompts the listener to think a little more deeply on the world around them. 


It’s a raw sound, it sounds live – something you don’t get too much of these days. You can hear the band in real time, and the unity between the bass, the guitars, the melody, and the drums – a brilliant performance on the drums – is easy to get on board with.

GrungeIndie RockPop-RockRock

A style born from a place like Detroit is often in a league of its own, and an Emcee like Cesare working the fiercely competitive & burgeoning independent music scene of the city has a clearly established sound & style.


Birchwood are doing whatever it was that certain bands were doing a decade or two ago that made them really seem fresh & carefree – unaffected by the industry or the rules or the expectations.