Where the opening moments introduce that soulful RnB melody, that moment of memorable familiarity that’s likely to stay with the listener long after listening, the later sections introduce contrasting levels of energy – and performances that impress in a totally different kind of way.


There’s an ongoing sense of emotional intensity to the track – the whole thing seems to slowly but surely gather momentum, appearing as if the pace is increasing; the performance becoming more and more impressive and indeed mesmerizing as it progresses.

Alt PopHip-HopRnB

Consequences is a smooth yet dark RnB track with an indie edge and some superb production. Grassett and LUURK alike bring an expressive and professional approach to the project, and the music is all the more immersive as a result.


The very idea of Loved You So is that of conflict or contrast – the verses deal with turmoil and anger, they drive with cursing and resentment, whereas the hook resolves and juxtaposes this in a mighty way; with the sheer, inescapable power of love and the control it can have over us.


Timeless offers a fine balance between melodic pop and synth-driven, down-tempo EDM. At the height of these winter months, this makes for the perfect kind of smooth, RnB soaked track to help keep things warm.