For a track supposedly made by accident, Ygor Sunny’s Guillotine is brilliantly engaging and beautifully hypnotic for the extent of its short-lived, one minute twenty five second life-span.


With some decent exposure, I could imagine Let Me Know appealing to a very broad demographic: it’s a confident slice of hip-hop that ticks all the lifestyle-centric tropes of current on-trend bangers. It feels mature and authentically honest without being too knowing or too cynical, and deserves to be shared around.


Germany-based artist and songwriter Nomina has crafted a stunning new single and video for her latest release, offering up a blissfully mellow and intricately designed ambiance, rightfully world-music inspired but following a soulful RnB vocal along and a notably tribal rhythm that builds and increasingly energizes throughout.

Afro PopRnBWorld

The hopeful and colourful energy of the soundscape and the melody really helps create a clever contrast with any turmoil detailed in the verses – the song in full leaves a sense of possibility and motivation lingering in the room. A job well done, in more ways than one.


The way the acoustic guitar leads into the beat, bringing through flickers of folk, country and hip hop alike, makes it east to get into the vibe of the track; and to appreciate the creative way in which WAYAL has approached and crafted this release.

Alt PopCountryFolk PopRnB

Artist and songwriter KENDI consistently writes and releases music that is both emotionally driven and skillfully crafted. Her most recent offering, a stylish and quickly engaging collaboration with REDSAN, is an easy hit that offers precisely these qualities.


Jada Raquel re-lights a classic RnB style and sound with this single. Fusing a colourful and quickly recognizable soundscape and leading riff, with a freely meandering, soulful and flawless vocal line, the song rides tall on the strength of its own musicality.


Always one to bend and even break the rules in music, Like Lions pushes through the confines of genre and style, leading with a concept and an inherent desire to craft something unique and meaningful. U Got Me makes for a strong testament to precisely these qualities.


Aratrea have put everything into this performance and writing process, and the result is something that boldly reaches out for your attention – and refuses to let go until the whole thing is over; much like the Python with his prey.

Alt PopFunkRnB

Stephon Foster’s writing throughout this project is decidedly emotional, beginning with the unmistakable Boy, I Quit, delicacy and regret intertwine as Foster pours truth and soul into the process. The finish, production-wise, really lets the intricate nature of these songs stand as tall as they possibly can.