This beat gives the composition a pulse, a notable level of humanity that drives things along. You feel as if the soundscape is slowly enveloping you, and that somehow your heart-rate is rising in the process – perhaps perfectly well encapsulating whatever it is that the word Dive conjures up for the listener.


IAMREBELWILL raises the bar beautifully with this latest release. Showcasing a stunning vocal style from the offset, and a soundscape and performance that gradually and artistically gather momentum and intensity throughout, Til The Sun Comes Down is as smoothly hypnotic as it is hard-hitting and energizing.

Alt PopPopProducerRnBSoul

The explosive Nikotene returns with an absolute banger this spring. How I Do hits hard in the way that classic house tracks once did. Whether late night or early morning – this one gets you feeling geared up and ready to go. 


Blasting After Ours at volume is an easy thing, the collaborative EP from renowned artists Blvff and K-Son is quick to impress with soulful melodies, thoughtful rhymes, and blissfully dreamlike, seductive soundscapes. Whatever you liked about each artist individually is magnified on this project – a match well-made, and a pleasure to listen to.


Quality production really lets this stand tall – the sort that not only strengthens the song within but also offers numerous elements and layers that help keep it uplifting and bright sounding, right the way through.