A pretty explosive two minute song that offers quite precisely the audio representation of its implied concept. The beat, the melody, the togetherness suggested by the chant-like gathering of voices – it all points in the direction of strength.

Alt PopPop

Sometimes you forget how effective a well captured video can be in reigniting the fire of a mighty single. Seeing him perform this, the passion in his movements, his highlighting of certain lines & words – it really makes the song resonate even more so than before. 


The rhythm of the song works really well in building around you something soothing. Elle Jae’s leading voice offers the effortless fluidity to carry the melody along in a manner that fits beautifully with the mood of the music.

Folk PopJazzPop

Collegians have their own sound & their own approach to songwriting right now. Furthermore, their musicianship is right where it needs to be. A live show is the only thing that would better listening at full volume from the comfort of your own home.


Much more than a rapper, D.Ni.L is more rightfully known as an artist – his approach to music is purely creative & expressive, not seeking to be one thing or another, not purely rapping on top of easy to gather loops as so many performers in hip hop tend to do.

Electronic RockHip-Hop