A stunning soft rock song with the emotional warmth of a heartfelt, singer-songwriter offering, and the big-band, rather epic & near-orhcestral ambiance of something much bigger. 

Soft Rock

Great songwriting is something that I believe comes from achieving a true & natural balance between the deeply personal – that inner truth, nothing held back – and that which is widely accessible.

Pop-RockSoft Rock

The ways we try to deal with loss can be vast & varied. For me, a piece of art or music, like this, offers a feeling of possibility & understanding; it makes you realise the inevitability of change.

RockSoft Rock

Their experience is undeniable, you can hear it in how the song has been crafted, the poetic lyricism, the build-up, the fluidity. They work as a unit & give the music so much strength & colour.  

PopSoft Rock