Introducing himself in style and with a notably thoughtful, hopeful manner of writing, Shaney Poo brings a whole new level of positivity and good vibes to the music scene with this brilliantly illuminating collection of originals.

DancehallHip HopRnB

There’s a modern, familiar feel to the sound, to many of the references, but Mookey manages to keep things fresh elsewhere with simple touches of character that help make this a fresh hip hop anthem with an addictive groove.

DancehallHip Hop

Riding the wave of contemporary, topical music making, Jace Heyman stylishly blends a simple and infectious hook melody, with a familiar concept, a clean and calming soundscape, and an unexpected tumble of subtle reggae rhythms for this brand new single.

DancehallHip HopPopReggaeRnB

Fusing melody and rap, clever references and long-form bars alongside quick rhymes, the single showcases a range of talents and a genuine thread of personality that introduces the G-Pak sound with style and intention.

DancehallHip HopRnB