The track works hard structurally, and Annika as a leading lady works equally hard to maintain that level of smooth & simple good times. The song is not overly optimistic or loud, far from it – there’s a subtlety to the warmth & enjoyment it drives with, and this is a big part of why it works so well & is likely to appeal on a much broader level.


Miss Money has crafted a summer classic with this latest release, bringing through an upbeat and colourful bounce of a track, one that leads with a simple and quickly memorable hook that’s likely to be left lingering in your mind long after listening.


Controversially one of the hottest Latin artists in Miami, Kaseeno kicks off the summer season with unquestionable rhythm and good vibes. The video and single combined undoubtedly make sure to warm things up ready for festival and beach season.


It’s an accessible concept, one that many listeners will be able to relate to, and the way the music has balanced a somewhat melancholy, heartbroken truth with an uplifting and energizing soundscape is beautifully addictive.


Poetry and personality walk hand in hand, guiding you through this four minute journey and keeping you calm as the thoughts fill your mind. It’s an easy pleasure to have this play for you, the sound is refreshing right now, partly nostalgic yet partly brand new and exciting in being so.


Musically the song feels rooted in contemporary pop-dance fusion, but it’s the structuring and the progression through the melodic vocal sections that ultimately grab the attention of the listener and make for something easily memorable.