Balancing a fine ear for tuneful progressions, an accessible & easy going, romantic story-line, and a beat that leans back & forth between acoustic world vibes, dance-hall, and classic pop, Mira is an addictive new hit that’s as seductive as it is energizing & catchy.


The track works hard structurally, and Annika as a leading lady works equally hard to maintain that level of smooth & simple good times. The song is not overly optimistic or loud, far from it – there’s a subtlety to the warmth & enjoyment it drives with, and this is a big part of why it works so well & is likely to appeal on a much broader level.


Miss Money has crafted a summer classic with this latest release, bringing through an upbeat and colourful bounce of a track, one that leads with a simple and quickly memorable hook that’s likely to be left lingering in your mind long after listening.