Whereas some works can be hard to review, this wonderful collection wears its influences on its sleeve and is all the better for it. Unashamedly complex arrangements with no flab, terrific performances all round… what’s not to love?

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Stephen Babcock’s brand new single is an easy hit that ticks a whole lot of different boxes. Pouring through with the simple rhythm of an MGMT piece but the vocal swagger and clarity of a blues-rock classic, Fight I Need goes on to become conceptually accessible yet presented in a refreshing and somewhat quirky manner.

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You get a sense that the band have been doing this for years, doing nothing but this – honing their skills, building a level of oneness, writing and performing with absolute emotion and purpose; the perfect contenders for a lasting and respectable role within modern music.

Blues RockRock

A band well and truly keeping the raw energy and passion of blues rock and roll alive and well. With original songwriting, uplifting ideas, compelling storytelling, and infectiously energizing guitar riffs and rhythms, their latest two releases see them pave their own way in the modern music world, and it’s a joy to be able to experience that journey with them.

BluesBlues Rock

It’s the sound of a band who are naturally inclined to do this – you can hear it in every flicker of character that is the riffs and the voice and the melody and the lyricism. Things build up effectively from the verse to the hook, and that rising energy represents well the underlying inspiration for the song. 

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