Introducing a timeless Old School Hip Hop track with a catchy musical backdrop and a passionate set of smooth and captivating bars. DJ Brother MANIAC is a creative entrepreneur who consistently gives back to the community that raised him, and the single and video Dyn-O-Mite marks a fine display of his strengths as an independent artist.

Hip HopOld SchoolRap

Backed by another fireside set of visuals, juxtaposition is a crucial aspect of the artistry of Björn Donath. The music presents an ambient to heavy metal arrangement but at a surprisingly mellow, cinematic tempo, the scene feels arena-ready and boldly passionate, yet the setting is calm, collected, ready to relax. The whole thing utilises polar opposites to captivate its audience, and the result is a rather perfectly timed three-plus minutes of expressive and modestly evolving emotion.

AtmosphericElectric GuitarGuitarInstrumentalMetalRock

Crafted during a time of profound personal turmoil, the single speaks out on behalf of self-worth and not seeking validation from external sources. It’s an incredibly relevant topic given the rise of image-based influencers, and SABINA has approached it in a broadly accessible, musically timeless fashion, effectively presenting a classic power-ballad with a stylish twist of modern contemplation.

PopSongwriterSoul Pop

Presenting an increasingly enchanting, uplifting and memorable arrangement, You gathers momentum consistently and impressively, finding its groove amidst the brightness and embrace of Country and Americana, with an impassioned vocal delivery and chorus that naturally lingers in the mind.

AmericanaCountryCountry FolkFolkFolk Rock

Perhaps perfectly titled for the sheer grip and escapism of its make up, Distorsión in tiene veins has the impact and power of a classic Pendulum track, but also the humanity and roar of a timeless heavy metal performance. The two styles could prove chaotic and incompatible in the wrong hands, but something about CiDiaH’s clear passion and appreciation for both allows this release to feel like a match made in heaven.

Drum & BassHeavy MetalMetalProducer

For the hard rock fans with a passion for the gritty and melodic uniting under a purposeful songwriting blanket of expression – Kansas artist and musician Luke Fitzgerald has captured a sublime sound and style, with the evocative and addictive pace and presence of Lost My Mind.

Hard RockMetal