Made up of every contemporary rap intricacy yet blended with a nineties-style melodic hit of a hook, Von Ba$$ drives with a simple love for the good times and good vibes on this latest single.

Hip Hop

Stunning harmonies meet with beautifully captivating poetic imagery and a powerfully structured soundscape, to bring back the emotive alt-rock songwriting and depth of a simpler time for this debut from Local Man Dies. More than this in fact, Cilice is a mighty song for so many reasons . Where the initial delicacy is so pristine … Continued

Emo RockIndie RockSoft RockSongwriter

Raw, fresh, no autotune in sight, Jack Da Union put across a narrative with great clarity. The lead vocal is laid back, swagger-filled, unconcerned, close to the mic and in our faces. It’s a classy piece…


That Stranger-Things-esque retro synth-bass-line breathes in and out of mix, contrasting with the purity of the sax and the revealing, emotional nature of the vocal. Then comes the beat, a classic crash on the one side, a lower-ended 808-inspired hit on the other.


Feeling partly like classic trip hop escapism from yesteryear, and partly like a notably organic, neo-jazz groove – a moment of rhythm and spontaneity captured in time – the song offers up a series of quickly appealing elements; all which combine to craft something awesomely addictive.

Trip Hop