There’s depth & intention to the song – as was the way with punk-rock back during the dawn of the genre; the songs were there to rebel against societal ‘normality’. Conscious lyrics were reinforced by emotional & striking performances that were clearly connected to the words at hand. That’s precisely what you get here. FUCK THIS NOISE is an absolute anthem.

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The performance stands out for the passion and character that’s presented throughout. In the same instance, the music is so laid back, but it pays tribute to the classic, simple yet hard-hitting riffs and beats that played the backdrop to some of hip hop’s more historical classics.


Snake is a rightfully scathing song that addresses the need to let go and move away from anyone who deliberately disrespects you or breaks your trust. Bonds take time to build, so those who knowingly bend or break them don’t deserve the time of day – a difficult but often necessary truth, and something the song Snake takes to the limit.