Easily a new favourite from the creative Trip Hop and Indie Rap universe at large but also a distinctly refreshing highlight from the UK’s current landscape. hEVAN injects intention and unorthodox energies, promising to engage the scene with an intoxicating fusion of musical simplicity and lyrical depth.

Hip HopProducerRapTrip Hop

The vocal style is unmistakable as Guccibenx once you’ve listened to even just a handful of releases, this meeting of professional production and freestyle, dissonant vocal outpouring is a clear identity trait, and Someone combines this approach with a catchy hook for that essential twist of memorable resolve.

Alt PopPopSongwriter

Already known for the creatively unpredictable appeal of his original tracks, Evoke hits the scene with greater impact than ever this season, for the launch of a new single and coinciding YouTube video series exploring the results of employing Artificial Intelligence as an artist manager.

Bass MusicDanceEDMHip Hop

Always we’re engaged by Gerbman’s unrelenting confidence as both guitarist and performer – no doubt an impressive artist to witness on stage. An exciting new musician, with a wealth of talent and devotion to the cause, and still at the very beginning of his creative journey.

BluesGuitarSoul Rock

An outright dance anthem with a welcomed twist of creative identity, Breathe makes fine use of long-form retro synth melodies and lyrical poetry all at once – a combination gifted all the more poignant humanity thanks to the clearly emotive rasp and devotion of our leading vocalist.