Fusing melody and rap, clever references and long-form bars alongside quick rhymes, the single showcases a range of talents and a genuine thread of personality that introduces the G-Pak sound with style and intention.

DancehallHip HopRnB

Contrasting big beats and a warm, synth-led soundscape, with the absolute delicacy of a higher-toned vocal lead, Las Olas proves as exotic and ambient as its title implies, and introduces Pariz Noir in a uniquely memorable way.

Alt PopElectro PopPopRnB

Bringing purpose and artistic intention back into hip hop – outside of that which intends to purely create volume, or draw attention – Fifth’s Cost Of Doin’ Business offers a classic hit of story-telling and soul; introducing the artist in a bold and beautiful way.

Hip HopSoul

SHADNR kicks in with a bang, taking 2020 by the horns as 925 Freestyle showcases everything from style to character, talent, and an increasingly impressive, captivating flow.

Hip Hop

A fine introduction to the band, Day By Day is all at once an experimental, jazz-kissed arena of beautiful chaos, and an addictively rhythmic, soulful hip hop classic that effectively marches to the beat of its own drum.

FunkHip Hop

Sarah Reynolds takes us back to the classic pop days with this single. Fusing a ballad-like piano progression and structure, with softly breathy RnB vocals, a long-form melody, and a light yet tripped up drum-line, I Need Love utilizes simplicity to make itself known.