Pristine sound design allows a bass-heavy introduction to contrast rather blissfully with some opposing, lighter layers of vocals, synths, details, to kick off a surprisingly creative Kisses from the one and only SO.

Hip Hop

BlackCaesar takes command of the space, declaring the track a hit before it even fills the room, and proceeding to offer up precisely the confidence and character required to take it there.

Hip Hop

Echoing into the room with the emotive and uplifting melody and hook that is Keep your head up, It’s Time is a single that speaks volumes on behalf of the passion and positive mindset of BIG MENIZ.

Hip HopPopRnB

By manner of a beautifully emotive, solo-piano lead, Jennifer Jess weaves a soundscape and story around listeners that poetically and intimately connect for their deeply truthful, personal and revealing nature.