Manchester’s Plato are quick to impress with this distinctly emotional and creatively fascinating new song. Showcasing a touch of influence from the likes of Half Moon Run, the band drive with uniquely interesting lyrics, organic and expressive musicianship, and stunning vocals. 

Alt PopAlt RockAlternativeRock

Feeding straight into the sound of contemporary hip hop and alternative pop, Fly Shit is a quickly melodic, anthem-like track that offers the colour and simplicity of an easily recognizable hit.


The sweetness of the soundscape is matched by the character and flair of the leading voice; familiarity and freshness intertwine, and meanwhile genre labels are thrown aside as the sheer pleasure of well-crafted, intentional music fills the room.

Alt PopRnBTrip-Hop

Fresh from the album of the same name, Shambhu’s Lilac Skies introduces the jazz guitarist as an artist with a fine ear for delicate melodies and soundscapes that embrace and calm an audience.


Cheesecake Jesus and DJ Spinnz collaborate to quickly creative results for this latest release. Leading with a raw and live sounding accordion riff, the track breathes new life into hip hop, driving with an uninhibited approach that incorporates whatever musical elements the artists deem necessary.


The track leaves you feeling capable, collected and confident – it inspires self-belief, but at the same time; it makes for an easy choice whenever you’re looking for that fresh and warming new anthem to turn up loud.