Contrasting a heavy soundscape with a light, boy-next-door kind of vocal, and a melody that seems to reflect a joyful walk in the park – Leaving is a coming-of-age kind of tale that digs into life and its unexpected chapters.

loaded is not only a great track – produced to the highest quality, leading with a smooth and easily memorable hook, anthem-like on the whole – it’s also a bold and striking introduction to every artist featured within.

Hip Hop

Fusing cinematic qualities and a multitude of details, the track moves along smoothly at first, growing increasingly energetic and intense as it progresses. Alongside of this, the vocal fragments become sentences, ideas, and this sets the scene in an even more striking way.

Alt PopElectronicaProducer

Jacob Seeger’s vocal melts hearts on this new release. Backed up by a simple and fairly retro, unusually quirky backdrop, there are as many fresh and energizing qualities to Down as there are those that feel familiar and comforting. 


Shani sparkles in true summer fashion with this latest release. Emerging complete with a classically styled video and a retro soundscape, Everything fuses the best of yesteryear with a fresh vocal and a string of contemporary references; helping create a perfectly accessible vibe for mainstream music fans across the board. 


We Are the People chops along at a healthy pace, and before long you may begin to notice your foot has been coerced into tapping along. Unless of course you are encountering Bucko’s five minute slab of uplifting trance at a venue, in which case you won’t be reading this because you’ll already be dancing.


Sounding like it could have been culled from Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods album (in a good way), What You Didn’t Say is a complex and satisfying single that benefits hugely from the way that Alan’s voice meshes with itself to create a warm and satisfying pad of sound that elevates the chorus to something quite delicious.

Electro PopPop

Lorine Chia has a sound that is undeniably hers, and the way she floats through the stages of the track, with softness yet intention, is beautifully captivating; and genuinely refreshing amidst today’s musical landscape.

JazzPopSoul PopTrip-Hop