When the song’s hook hits it initially feels like a Fleetwood Mac moment, later tipping its hat to the songwriting style of The Cranberries – the warmth of this sudden arena of instrumental layers, the rise up to these passionate vocals, this melody.

Alt PopPopPop RockSongwriter

The whole set-up feels brilliantly nostalgic, awesomely passionate – proceeding to whisper then scream out on behalf of your anxieties; always melodically, always with a certain poetic lyrical intention that again feels genuinely new.

Alt RockGrungeRock

There’s heartache, struggle & disaster at the core of the writing. Still the music has a sense of optimism – a joyful acceptance of sadness, a groove, that suggests things will continue regardless; at least for now.

PopPop Rock

Don Drago’s bars and his willingness to offer genuine insight, truth, and intelligent framing of ideas, helps elevate his music to greater peaks than the vast majority of his peers.

Hip Hop

The accompanying visuals suit the changing mood of the track perfectly well – these colors being thrown around at the blank white canvas of a wall seems to pair up beautifully with the inner conflict and honest expression at the heart of the song.


If you’re passionate about entrepreneurship, progression and self-development, business building, branding – this is the place to be. A genuine show, with equal parts emotional and factual building blocks.