Always one to bend and even break the rules in music, Like Lions pushes through the confines of genre and style, leading with a concept and an inherent desire to craft something unique and meaningful. U Got Me makes for a strong testament to precisely these qualities.


While the instrumental set-up feels reminiscent of the likes of Portishead or The xx, the vocal line adds a level of volume and intensity. It’s a powerful performance, one that takes the song from quietly compelling to incredibly emotive and decidedly uplifting.

Alt PopPopTrip-Hop

Aratrea have put everything into this performance and writing process, and the result is something that boldly reaches out for your attention – and refuses to let go until the whole thing is over; much like the Python with his prey.

Alt PopFunkRnB

Stephon Foster’s writing throughout this project is decidedly emotional, beginning with the unmistakable Boy, I Quit, delicacy and regret intertwine as Foster pours truth and soul into the process. The finish, production-wise, really lets the intricate nature of these songs stand as tall as they possibly can. 


Ayyv balances the nostalgic embrace of a retro, industrial-style hip hop beat, with an increasingly passionate and energetic leading vocal for this release – one that sees the intensity and boldness of the performance and the lyrics grow stronger every step of the way. 


SUNDERWORLD is an artist who quickly succeeds in creating compelling, entrancing soundscapes around his audience – fusing gradually intensifying ambiances or grooves with decidedly thoughtful, poetic lyricism, and a softly expressive vocal delivery that captivates for its emotional grit and delicacy combined.

Alt PopRnB